Proyectos Tyrone is a conduit for BIPOC-centric projects that promote artisans/designers/humans from marginalized LA regions. We release all objects for purchase on a micro-scale, focusing on quality over quantity.


Special editioned one-of-a-kind shibori dyed Mole shirts from LA garment and dye-work studio ess.y.ess. The artist examined the amount of labor involved in the process of mole-making with that of shibori dye-work. The result is intricately laid dye designs, crafted after a laborious process of folding and washing.

"I mixed a color that reminded me of mole rojo and the red grease stains I'd get on my clothes as a kid. I used shibori techniques to make a different unique design on every shirt. The process involved making little consistent folds and binding the cloth with a tiny knot after tiny knot. It reminded me of the mole-making process, with each ingredient having its specific preparation: toasting the sesame seeds, charring the tortilla, soaking the chiles.”

  • Unqiue Shibori Dye Design
  • Embroidered Front
  • Silk-Screen Back
  • 6 oz., 100% Preshrunk Cotton
  • Bespoke Typographic Design
  • Limited Single Print Run
Shirt Design #01, L

Shirt Design #02, XL

Shirt Design #03, L

Shirt Design #04, L

Shirt Design #05, L

Shirt Design #06, XL

Shirt Design #07, L

Shirt Design #08, XL

Shirt Design #09, XL

Shirt Design #10, XL

Synthetic Stone Incense Holders
From LA-based artist Sergi Studio come these one-of-a-kind editions of five incense holders. These objects, constructed out of various types of hand-ground stone and pigments, consider the act of grinding as an essential part of the mole-making process.

"[I'm interested in] Grinding and it's relation to making mole. For example, me grinding the stones to make the object and I think about the preparation of mole and how the grinding of ingredients like chocolate and peppers play a critical role in how the flavor of mole come to be. "

Inspiration for the object's formal qualities comes from studying the metate, the grinding tool used by indigenous Mesoamerican peoples and still in use by many Mexican households today.

"I enjoy the playful, nonchalant appearance of a metate. Its legs, body, and neck remind me of a playful dog. The black volcanic rock is like the surface of a Xoloitzcuintli's hide."

Red and black volcanic rock, shards of obsidian, pumice, cement, and pigment.

Cautiously place it outside on a concrete floor. Without scrubbing anything off, gently water them with a garden hose. Let them sit outside for a day (minimum)
MOOO 01.01
L 6.25" 5.875cm
W 4.5" 11.43cm
H 6.875" 17.4625cm

OYINK 01.02
L 6.5" 16.51cm
W 5.25" 13.335cm
H 6.25" 15.875cm

BAAA 01.03
L 6.25" 15.875cm
W 5.00" 12.7cm
H 6.5" 16.51cm

GUAJE 01.04
L 5.625" 14.2875cm
W 4.5" 11.43cm
H 4.875" 12.3825cm

L 5.75" 14.605cm
W 4.00" 10.16cm
H 5.375" 13.6525cm

MOLE Incense Sticks (10 Pack)
These incense sticks feature a unique fragrance featuring three contrasting scent accords inspired by mole: smoky, spicy, and gourmand. Meticulously crafted and iterated by L.A.-based scent studio—J.Pera—spearheaded by scent maker Jill Zachman. According to Zachman, "the goal was not to replicate the actual smell of mole but to ignite its fiery and complex spirit and hail its riot of jostling ingredients."

The mole incense taunts, first exposing with a spark of fire and smoke, then hiding each of its multiple ingredients, rising and falling while you try to define its lineage.

The incense sticks feature premium quality ingredients that have a long-lasting stay even after burning. We recommend lighting one up after a nice mole dinner to set the mood just right. 

  • Hand-Dipped in L.A.
  • Comes in 10 Pack Tube
  • Warm, smoky-sweet aroma
  • 40 min. burn time (per stick)

Smoke, Amyris, Hedione, Humid Earth, Pepper, Tobacco, Cinnamon, Dry Salt, Chocolate, Almond, Coffee, Musk 

Mole Tee
Printed and embroidered in Canoga Park by LA printing veteran Mario Rodriguez on natural white, 6-oz. 100% cotton.

The shirt features bespoke typographic lettering by designer Carlos Avila, inspired by the amalgamation of world spices and ingredients that comprise Mole Rojo. Carlos crafted the typographic treatment by building on top of existing letterforms and graphical icons to create visual forms that present themselves as both familiar and new.

  • Embroidered Front
  • Silk-Screen Back
  • 6 oz., 100% Preshrunk Cotton
  • Bespoke Design
  • Limited Single Print Run

Mini Mole Mix

Like mole, cumbia music is a complex arrangement of Indigenous, Afro, and European flavors. Our gift to you is a splendid cumbia mixed crafted by Reseda's electronic cumbia king El Keamo. For his mix titled "Mini Mole Mix" El Keamo gives us a little insight into the mix's elaboration process:

“I recorded this mix late the night before new years eve. I wanted to close out this crazy year with a little mix that included a little bit of each artist that has inspired me since I started my journey into writing and experimenting with electronic cumbias.”


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