“Ando Chido” — Juniperus Procumbens in Nike Cortez 
Experimental potting pushes the tree’s limits and challenges the art form’s technical and artistic boundaries; it frames new conversations and often sparks controversy. “Ando Chido” manifests Chido-En in the most literal fashion, juxtaposing an ancient Japanese art form with the living visual language of Mexican-American culture in LA. This tree should remain outdoors and watered every day. Bring indoors only when being displayed for short periods.  Since the tree has been recently re-potted, the artist cannot guarantee the tree’s life—however—the artists will make all efforts to consult with you on how best to keep the tree alive.

Each tree includes a consultation with Javier, where care and maintenance tips will be discussed and best practices for providing the best conditions for your tree to thrive. Additional consultations and styling sessions could be arranged at a later date.
On view at Murmus LA until Sept. 26.


︎2021 PROYECTOS TYRONE. (818)