Bonsai “Bootleg Edition” 10 ML Aromatic Roller

Bonsai is a scent about contrast and asymmetry, pleasantly disconcerted by experiencing an intimate, miniature version of our larger selves. Developed and compounded in micro batches by LA-based art and scent studio J.Pera, this scent is inspired by the work of Chido-En and Javier Ramirez, with the melding of cultures in the city of LA. Featuring copal, seaweed, orange blossom, and juniper berry.

Each ingredient brings a piece of the story together. Copal: the sap used as incense in traditional Mexican households, Orange Blossom: The fruit iconic to the San Fernando Valley, Juniper Berry: The essence of a Juniper Bonsai, and seaweed: the plant that grows in the oceans touching the parallel shores of Japan and California.

Use the 10 ML Aromatic Oil to create a distinctive fragrant mark by applying it on your skin any time of the day lasting for a few hours.

Scent Profile:
Sweet floral, woody, salty green

Available for purchase online and in person at Cafemurmus

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