Ficus Benjamina
A less traditional type of tree used for Bonsai, it is a popular tree for people who like to have their tree live primarily indoors. It’s a hardy tree that easily adapts to changing environments. This Bonsai has large leaves that grow from stems at the top of the plant. Javier tells us, “Ficus Benjamina do really well in the LA climate and work well indoors. They are very easy and forgiving trees as long as you keep them watered.” This tree could stay indoors but should be in direct sunlight or spend half its time outdoors. Water tree every day. Protect from extreme cold and frost in the winter.

Each tree includes a consultation with Javier, where care and maintenance tips will be discussed and best practices for providing the best conditions for your tree to thrive. Additional consultations and styling sessions could be arranged at a later date.

H 9", 22.86cm


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