MOLE Incense Sticks (10 Pack)
These incense sticks feature a unique fragrance featuring three contrasting scent accords inspired by mole: smoky, spicy, and gourmand. Meticulously crafted and iterated by L.A.-based scent studio—J.Pera—spearheaded by scent maker Jill Zachman. According to Zachman, "the goal was not to replicate the actual smell of mole but to ignite its fiery and complex spirit and hail its riot of jostling ingredients."

The mole incense taunts, first exposing with a spark of fire and smoke, then hiding each of its multiple ingredients, rising and falling while you try to define its lineage.

The incense sticks feature premium quality ingredients that have a long-lasting stay even after burning. We recommend lighting one up after a nice mole dinner to set the mood just right. 

  • Hand-Dipped in L.A.
  • Comes in 10 Pack Tube
  • Warm, smoky-sweet aroma
  • 40 min. burn time (per stick)

Smoke, Amyris, Hedione, Humid Earth, Pepper, Tobacco, Cinnamon, Dry Salt, Chocolate, Almond, Coffee, Musk 

︎2021 PROYECTOS TYRONE. (818)