Chido–EN Jardinero Shirt
Unlike the majority of international cities, Los Angeles is primarily made up of large sprawling suburban neighborhoods built after WWII. A prototypical home features a prominent front yard with a lawn using non-native Kentucky Bluegrass symbolic of the American Dream for most of the twentieth century. These lawns have been historically maintained by different waves of immigrants of color — be it Japanese and Korean diasporas of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries or the Mexican and Central American diasporas from the late twentieth century until today.

The LA landscaper endures many physical challenges due to the nature of their work, but there are also external factors that make this work challenging. Landscapers are usually viewed as a necessary nuisance, exploited by both neighborhood councils and their own clients, who often complain about noise pollution, the cost of services, and even question their legal status in the country. These factors all play into the perception of the residential landscaper as a low-skill, non-desirable job. The reality is that most landscapers are proud of their work and have skills that take years to acquire. Many of these landscapers have become entrepreneurs, building a large client base with multiple employees.

As a landscaper's business grows, promotion and utility naturally merge in printed and branded company worker garments. The most practical garment being the T-Shirt, usually seen as a long sleeve tee in bright colors for maximum visibility, safety, and protection from the brutal LA sun. Aside from its utility purpose, the company shirt visualizes and denotes a sense of professionalism and legitimacy while helping promote the company and instill pride for the wearer. The Chido-EN Jardinero shirt is directly inspired by these landscaper shirts that are seen throughout the city's neighborhood lawns.

Printed in Van Nuys, LA by Blythe Printing Studio on off-yellow Comfort Colors, 6.1-ounce, 100% ring-spun cotton.

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