Synthetic Stone Incense Holders
From LA-based artist Sergi Studio come these one-of-a-kind editions of five incense holders. These objects, constructed out of various types of hand-ground stone and pigments, consider the act of grinding as an essential part of the mole-making process.

"[I'm interested in] Grinding and it's relation to making mole. For example, me grinding the stones to make the object and I think about the preparation of mole and how the grinding of ingredients like chocolate and peppers play a critical role in how the flavor of mole come to be. "

Inspiration for the object's formal qualities comes from studying the metate, the grinding tool used by indigenous Mesoamerican peoples and still in use by many Mexican households today.

"I enjoy the playful, nonchalant appearance of a metate. Its legs, body, and neck remind me of a playful dog. The black volcanic rock is like the surface of a Xoloitzcuintli's hide."

Red and black volcanic rock, shards of obsidian, pumice, cement, and pigment.

Cautiously place it outside on a concrete floor. Without scrubbing anything off, gently water them with a garden hose. Let them sit outside for a day (minimum)
MOOO 01.01
L 6.25" 5.875cm
W 4.5" 11.43cm
H 6.875" 17.4625cm

OYINK 01.02
L 6.5" 16.51cm
W 5.25" 13.335cm
H 6.25" 15.875cm

BAAA 01.03
L 6.25" 15.875cm
W 5.00" 12.7cm
H 6.5" 16.51cm

GUAJE 01.04
L 5.625" 14.2875cm
W 4.5" 11.43cm
H 4.875" 12.3825cm

L 5.75" 14.605cm
W 4.00" 10.16cm
H 5.375" 13.6525cm

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